About Me



I am a dreamer. An eccentric one. I feel too much, I speak too fast and when my restless mind can’t catch a break, I write to silence it. My overbearing heart finds its cathartic release only through words.

With me, what you see is what you get. My rainbows, they’re black and white. My dreams, they’re always evolving, taking new shapes that often seem impossible to the naked eye.

I see beauty in sadness, I see freedom in joyousness. When I stand in the sun, the piercing warmth comforts me. But if you put me in a storm, I work best. I don’t draw lines, I don’t adhere to rules. I believe in running wild and free.

Sometimes, my tortured soul never wants to be saved. Some other times, I do the saving myself. I am both soft and strong. I am a woman of contradictions whose scars tell the tale of a lone survivor.

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