Where is my Silver Lining?



It’s been 9 months since my last blog post and I wish I could be one of those breezy people who would probably go “Who is keeping count?”

Instead, I belong to the category of people who would wake up every day and remind themselves or rather question themselves on why they still haven’t written something in their beloved blog yet.

Long story short, I over think everything, in fact I over think, over thinking!

Okay let’s get to the point!


These nine months have been a roller coaster ride to say the least. A few ups, a few downs, new experiences, shedding happy tears, shedding not-so-happy tears, a few screams and a generous dose of laughter.

I moved into a new home. Got my freelancing act together and got into some serious writing. I got comfortable.

What happens when we get comfortable? Life throws a mega-sized fur-ball at you and your twenty-something ego refuses to stand up from the fall.

So, every now and then I or I assume we stop to ask ourselves why we have to fall down every time we rise up.

We get an overload of advice from our friends to look for the silver lining and that’s when we really start to ask ourselves, where the hell is my silver lining?

We look for a miracle; we look for giant inspirational signs in loud font, sparkling in fairy lights.  Unfortunately though, we never find it.

We keep searching for this silver lining. This larger than life reason for our existence. And for the umpteenth time we never find it.

So, what do we do instead? We decide to lay there, in our cozy place of sulking, refusing to get up, assuming that our star-studded silver lining is right around the corner.


After years of looking, I finally found an answer.

All this while, we were looking for a star-studded miracle. What if your silver lining isn’t in the star studded moments? What if it’s a faint little sign giving you enough strength to just keep going?

Can’t our silver lining be that friend who never gives up on us? Can’t it be our loved ones trying to cheer us up day after day? Or better yet, can’t it be our family, the love of our lives, who are just there for us, in silence, in happiness and in tears?

Why does a silver lining always have to remind you of the meaning of your life? Falling is a way of life and if we need to be pampered for every little fall we face, what’s the lesson in it anyway?

Let’s face it; the world breaks your heart way too often for you to be expecting a star-studded miracle.

Find your silver lining in the smaller things. Find joy in the unexpected smiles you receive, find strength in the stable bonds you’ve built, don’t let the darkness take your shine away.

Life is all about the smaller things, treasure it, feel it and remember it.

P.S: Star-studded silver linings are overrated anyway!

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